The Spokesman 157: Palestinian Day


136 pages | A5 format
ISBN 978 0 85124 9346


Edited by Tony Simpson & Tom Unterrainer


Editorial Palestinian Day Tony Simpson

Tomorrow is a Palestinian Day Ghassan Abu-Sittah

Anatomy of a Genocide Francesca Albanese

Israel’s Genocide on Palestine Jehan Helou JHPalestine PDF

Trevor Griffiths 1935-2024 Tony Simpson

Africa and the Movement for Peace Bertrand Russell

* * * *

Dossier: Nuclear Colonialism

Introduction Tom Unterrainer

Downwinders Tularosa Basin Downwinders

Australia Karina Lester

Korean Survivors Daniel Rietiker, Hayoung Bak, Juyeon Rhee

Gerboise Bleue at 64 

From the archives: ‘Reactions to the French A-Test’

* * * *

Philosophy of the Atomic Age Émile Torres

Picturing the DPRK Glyn Ford

Darkness Lord Byron

Joseph Rotblat Susan Landau

Florence Nightingale Sylvia Riley

Reviews: Barry Baldwin, Tony Simpson, Nigel Potter, Tom Unterrainer, Helen Jackson, Stephen Winfield