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Spokesman Books’ titles about peace activism in the First World War.

Including A Pacifist at War: Letters and Writings 1914-1918
By Bertrand Russell
Edited by Nicholas Griffin

‘The outbreak of the First World War in August 1914 dramatically changed almost everything in Bertrand Russell’s life. It was the War that made him a public figure and ensured that henceforth philosophy would only occasionally prevail over politics for his attention … Unlike so many who went enthusiastically to war in the summer of 1914, Russell knew the War would be a disaster. Nor did he share the general British opinion that Germany was entirely responsible. He thought the secret diplomacy of the Liberal administration under Sir Edward Grey, which had entangled Britain in a series of alliances to defend continental countries against aggression, shared a good deal of the responsibility. He had, moreover, no doubts at all that it was his public duty to oppose the War … ‘

Nicholas Griffin, McMaster University, Canada

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