Will we be blown up?


114 pages | A5 size

ISBN 9 780851 248738


The Spokesman 138
Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony SimpsonEditorial
Letters from Japan
Paul RogersNuclear Posture Review
Kazuo IshiguroMy Twentieth Century
Beatrice Fihn & Setsuko ThurlowWhen will I be blown up?
John GaltungPeace Banquet
Jeremy Corbyn & Reiner BraunCommon European Peace
Jeremy CorbynOur Common Humanity
Defence Diversification
Beata PolanowskaSecond class citizens?
Elena RemigiIn Limbo
Jagdish Patel, Suresh Grover et alGathering place
Niccolo MilaneseDowngrading European Citizenship
Bertrand RussellThe CND
Peggy DuffThe Beginning
Afrin’s Suffering