Climate of Peace?


130 pages | A5 size

ISBN: 9 780851 248622


The Spokesman 134
Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony SimpsonEditorial
Alva WhiteWe rescue people
Mike Harding – Shrines
Tony SimpsonThe Conflict Shoreline
Jeremy Corbyn MP – Environment and Energy
Nick BuxtonSecuring whose future?
Maria SotiropoulouCruel Sea
Reiner HoffmanSustainable Development
Tom UnterrainerEyewitness in Berlin
International Peace BureauAction Agenda
John PilgerFinish Line
Bertrand RussellPugwash Point of View
International People’s TribunalFindings on Indonesia
HDPWe Will Win
Abigail Parry – The Man Himself
John Berger – Happy Birthday