What Price Austerity?


96 pages | A5 size

ISBN: 978 0 85124 7854


Spokesman 110
Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony SimpsonEditorial: What Price Austerity?
Mark SerwotkaNot a single job has to be lost
PCSThere is an alternative
Stuart Holland Demythologising ‘Old Labour’
Brian Jones Failing Intelligence
Hans von SponeckScared of the facts
Caroline Lucas MPAfghanistan – Nail the Myth
Bertrand RussellPrevent the crime of silence
Richard Falk and David KriegerThe Middle East
Rep. Dennis KucinichWhat we have to do
Carmel BudiardjoWest Papua’s Plight
Jimmy Reid We’re not rats
Michael Barratt BrownIs there not an alternative?
Stuart HollandAct and Survive