Extinction rebellions


122 pages | A5 size

ISBN 978 0 85124 8868


The Spokesman 144
Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony SimpsonEditorial
Victoria BrittainGlobal Dangers
Jessica Forst & Phillipp StraubCarbon Bootprint
Angie ZelterExtinction rebellion
Sergio DuarteWhy the Treaty matters
Dexter WhitfieldGreen New Deals
Brian DaveyReviving the Commons
Pope FrancisNagasaki Appeal
Tony SimpsonKeep the Peace
Alexis Lykiard – Eyes Off the Doomsday Clock
Bertrand RussellThe Last Survivor of a Dead Epoch
Tony SimpsonReel Russell
Ken CoatesWorkers’ Control
Keir StarmerPegged Back?
Legna Rodriguez Iglesias et al – A little body are many parts