Bertrand Russell 150


150 pages | A5 format
ISBN 9780851249049


The Spokesman 150
Edited by Tony Simpson & Tom Unterrainer


Russell in Australia – Paola Totaro

Adaptation – Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell in the years of his Tribunal – Russell Stetler

“Lord Russell’s Busy Year” – Kenneth Blackwell

The Film Obituary that Never Was – Tony Simpson

My Testimony – Edith Russell

Lelio Basso – Ken Coates

Russell in Popular Culture – Tim Madigan

Nuclear first use? – Peter Jenkins

UK attachments to nuclear power – Andy Stirling, Phil Johnstone, Dave Webb

Reviews – John Daniels, Ruth Derham, Helen Jackson, Stephen Winfield, Linda Gilroy

END Info – Ludo De Brabander, Tom Unterrainer, Angelika Claußen, Steve Bell, Marion Küpker, Alexey Gromyko