Hiroshima, then Nagasaki


116 pages | A5 format

ISBN 978 0 85124 8929


The Spokesman 146
Edited by Tony Simpson

Tomihisa TaueNagasaki reminds us
Kazumi MatsuiVisit Hiroshima and act
Simon CoveneyNo right hands for wrong weapons
Tom UnterrainerNuclear-Free Europe
Steve Fetter et al & Joanneke BalfoortNo case for explosive testing
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Nuclear predictability and restraint
Jenny CleggNATO, Europe, US & China
Stephanie Malin interviewThe Price of Nuclear Power
Lucy Santos interviewRadiant Radium
Walden BelloAfter Neoliberalism?
Dexter Whitfield – Equitable Recovery Strategies
Tony SimpsonLocality
Anthony LaneRobin Fior
Edith RussellNuclear Matters & Politics
Bertrand RussellA new approach to peace
Ken CoatesWe haven�t long