END Info 20 | October/November 2020



* The Bomb has been banned!
* Don’t extradite Assange
* WikiLeaks on Nukes
* The Belmarsh Tribunal
* New US ‘Nuclear Sea-Launched Cruise Missile’
* Tromso says ‘Nei’ to USD sub base, govn pushes ahead
* Up the Spout
* Steadfast Noon – NATO’s Nuclear ‘War Game’
* Russia’s ‘Nuclear Deterrence Fundamentals 2020’
* Safe on board?
* B-52s over Europe: here to stay?
* New START in peril
* In numbers … Deployed Warheads
* Trump Must Go
* Candidate Accountability: Demand a Commitment to a Peace-and-Human-Rights Agenda, Black Alliance for Peace
* W.E.B. Du Bois to Coretta Scott King: The Untold History of the Movement to Ban the Bomb, Vincent Intondi
* Declaration of the 4th International Congress Against Military Bases and War
* Nuclear Europe Map (A4)
* Nuclear-Free Europe, Tom Unterrainer