The Spokesman 156: Israel’s Genocide on Palestine


138 pages | A5 format
ISBN 978 0 85124 9339


Edited by Tony Simpson & Tom Unterrainer


Editorial Israel’s Genocide on Palestine Tony Simpson

Dossier: Israel’s Genocide on Gaza

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Introduction Tom Unterrainer

Genocide is not far behind Ahdaf Soueif

Genocide Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Not in a vacuum António Guterres

Prevent Genocide Lemkin Institute

Dear High Commissioner Craig Mokhiber

Gaza is running out of time UN Experts

Article 99 António Guterres

Timeline Lemkin Institute

Genocidal Intent South Africa

* * *

Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Tony Simpson

Israel’s Bomb Ken Coates

Atomic ABC David Ellwood

Barry Feinberg, Ralph Schoenman Tony Simpson

* * * 

Dossier: Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 2MSP

Introduction Tom Unterrainer

Humanitarian Consequences Scientific Advisory Group

Universalising the TPNW Government of Austria

Averting catastrophe TPNW States Parties

Statements and speeches Palestine, Cuba, Mongolia et al

* * *

Prepare for peace Jackie Cabasso

Tectonic changes Reiner Braun

Scientific Romance Tom Unterrainer

The Misfortune of Being Out of Date Bertrand Russell 12Misfortune_Template

The World Turned Upside Down Chris Cole

Reviews: Barry Baldwin, Cmdr. Robert Forsyth RN (Ret’d), Stephen Winfield