The Spokesman 155: Oppenheimer in Mind


130 pages | A5 format
ISBN 978 0 85124 9315


Edited by Tony Simpson & Tom Unterrainer

Editorial Oppenheimer in Mind 155Editorial

Oppenheimer Tony Simpson 155Oppenheimer

The Atomic Bomb Bertrand Russell 155AtomicBomb

In Memorium White Rose Ben Thompson 155WhiteRose

Climate Emergency António Guterres 155ClimateEmergency

Backsliding Alexander Kmennt 155Backsliding

Call to Mutiny Daniel Ellsberg 155CalltoMutiny

Proffering Chinese Wisdom? Jenny Clegg 155ProfferingChineseWisdom

China and the Bomb Tom Unterrainer 155ChinaBomb

NATO’s Lurch Eastward Paul Keating 155LurchEastward

Depth of Fear Ken Coates 155DepthFear

New Hopes Revisited Andrew Bone 155NewHopes

The Limits of Human Power Bertrand Russell 155LimitsHumanPower

Housmans Ross Bradshaw 155Housmans

Social Europe? Neil Warner 155SocialEurope

Reviews Pamela White, Helen Jackson, Glyn Ford, Barry Baldwin, Nigel Potter, Stephen Winfield, Sylvia Riley 155Reviews

END Info Marion Küpker, Alain Rouy, Tom Unterrainer, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy 155END