The Spokesman 154: Eurasia in the World


122 pages | A5 format
ISBN 9780851249254


Edited by Tony Simpson & Tom Unterrainer

Editorial: Eurasia in the World

China’s rise and the changing nature of global power Helena Cobban

Global Security Initiative PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

How Russia sees the World Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Environmental Injustice in Renewables Dexter Whitfield

How John Ainslie influenced my life Commander Robert Green RN (Ret’d)

The Mistake Gloria Delpero

Frightful Syllogism Günther Anders

The Good Friday Agreement – 25 years on Helen Jackson

Adult Education and Workers’ Control Tony Simpson

Workers’ Control and Socialist Strategy Tony Topham

Unions and Workers’ Control Colin Ward

What productivity? Regan Scott

 Reviews: Barry Baldwin, Nigel Potter, Tom Unterrainer, Rae Street, Regan Scott, Stephen Winfield

Poems by Elena Shvarts