Working Spaces, Working Lives


ISBN: 978 1 90551 0-11-5


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In Memoriam Charles Swann – Terry Eagleton

I. M. Charles Swann, 18 December 1943 – 13 October 2006 – Stan Smith

Introduction – Nicola Wilson

The Representation of the People and Our Mutual Friend – Ruth Livesey

Politicising the Home in Ethel Carnie Holdsworth’s This Slavery (1925) and Ellen Wilkinson’s Clash (1929) – Nicola Wilson

Gender and Community in 1930s Working-Class Writing – Joseph Pridmore

Raymond Williams, Cultural Materialsim, and the Break-Up of Britain – Hywel Dix

‘Committed to paper’: Vacated Spaces and Phallogocentrism in Magnus Mills’s The Restraint of Beasts – Ian Haywood

Organising Space: Clutter, Storage and Everyday Life – Tracey Potts

An Interview with Richard Hoggart – Sean Matthews

Reviews and Previews

The Raymond Williams Memorial Fund