Waging Peace


142 pages | A5 size

ISBN 978 0 85124 8882


The Spokesman 145 – Festschrift for David Krieger
Edited by Tony Simpson
Compiled by Rick Wayman & Carol Warner

Daisaku Ikeda – Wonderful Encounters
David Barash – Unmasked Deterrence
John Scales Avery – Flaws in Nuclear Deterrence
Commander Robert Green – New Nuclear Crisis
Steven Starr – Blind Eye to Armageddon
Richard Falk – The Nuclear Abolition Struggle
Peter J. Kuznick – Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Peter Weiss – Word Games
Jennifer Allen Simons – Not a good day for war
Fredrik S. Heffermehl – If weapons had been the answer…
Johan Galtung – War and its abolition
Ernst von Weizs�cker – Dangers of the Nuclear Age