Thomas Paine:


144 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 085124 7625



In Search of the Common Good
Edited by Joyce Chumbley and Leo Zonneveld

Thomas Paine was a man of words. He inspired the American struggle for independence; he defeated the causes of the French Revolution. He was the greatest of the English/American 18th-century radical writers, with timeless works such as Common Sense, The Rights of Man, and The Age of Reason. This book, Thomas Paine: In Search of the Common Good, offers reflections on his life and writings by a group of experts and specialists who came together at a Thomas Paine Colloquium held at the United Nations in New York.

About the editors:
Joyce Chumbley is a researcher, writer, activist. For over three decades, she has been involved in education, the arts, and progressive environmental, social, and political issue from her base in Florida.

Leo Zonneveld is an author and editor. He served the United Kingdom government, as high technology specialist and lastly as science attach´┐Ż at the British Embassy in The Hague, for 37 years.