The Unnecessary War


184 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 0 85124 4655


Proceedings of the Belgrano Inquiry
The Belgrano Action Group

The Belgrano inquiry was a citizens’ enquiry which took place in November 1986 and which provided an opportunity for a number of distinguished experts to express their candid opinions. They include Malcolm Harper, Brigadier Michael Harbottle, Tam Dalyell MP, Clive Ponting, Ken Coates, Paul Rogers and Wade Tidbury.

The proceedings of that enquiry are recorded in this book together with a preface by Clive Ponting, the senior civil servant at the MOD who was prosecuted for his Belgrano revelations to an MP.

The Belgrano Inquiry website
Twenty-four years ago (1986), a group of us organised the two-day �Belgrano Inquiry� at Hampstead Town Hall, London. This was the nearest there has ever been to a proper independent inquiry into the sinking of the Belgrano, and was supported by a number of important witnesses. The entire proceedings were recorded. Key extracts are available at the Sound Archive on this site, plus other back ground information and in-depth analysis.