The Shape of Things to Come


80 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 085124 7601


The EU Future Group
By Tony Bunyan of Statewatch

The Shape of Things to Come examines the European Union’s plans for justice and home affairs, and warns that the Union is embarked on several highly controversial paths. These include: using the ‘digital tsunami’ to create a surveillance society for law enforcement purposes by gathering personal details on the everyday lives of everyone living in the European Union; allowing law enforcement and security agencies, in collaboration with multinational companies, to determine new technologies to be introduced – including recording details of all phone and mobile phone calls and internet usage; removing ‘obstacles’ (judicial authorisation) to the exchange of intelligence between all European Union agencies; and the outrageous idea that a Euro-Atlantic area of co-operation with the United States should be set up to decide on policies fundamentally affecting the rights and liberties of the people of Europe.

Also questioned is the undemocratic decision-making procedure under which 27 EU governments will agree the ‘Stockholm Programme’ that will set in stone the measures to be introduced. The book ends with a warning that, unless we have an open and meaningful debate now, we never will, because it will already be too late.