The Revolt of the Children



By Joachim Wernicke

The Revolt of the Children was first published in German in 2019 as Der Aufstand der Kinder. The author, Joachim Wernicke, published a small A6 edition for free distribution at Student Climate Strike protests in an effort to make the link between climate change and nuclear weapons. The original edition can be downloaded at

Dr.-Ing. Joachim Wernicke lives in Berlin. He is a physicist interested in renewable energy and military technology. In opposition to the stationing of US nuclear weapons in the Federal Republic of Germany during the 1980s, he began critical research into Western military and economic policies. Dr. Wernicke prepared the German translation of Commander Robert Green’s Security without Nuclear Deterrence (published by Spokesman) and is the author of END?Papers 3 – After the INF Treaty:What Next?