The Life and Works of Henry Richard


32 pages | Pamphlet

ISBN: 978 0 85124 7465


Apostle for Peace and MP for Wales
by D. Ben Rees

Henry Richard, the Apostle of Peace, was a Congregational minister, Welsh Member of Parliament 1868-88, and Secretary of the Peace Society (1848-84). He was elected Member of Parliament for the Merthyr boroughs in Wales in 1868 and became an influential Nonconformist in the House of Commons.

Henry Richard has, through the efforts of Bruce Kent, Simon Thomas, David Morris and others of us, been given his rightful place as a man of inspiration … I have been given the opportunity of delivering lectures on Henry Richard in the House of Lords in London and in my church in Liverpool, and now we bring together the story in this book and hope it will be widely circulated.
D. Ben Rees