The Legacy of Chernobyl


360 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 0 85124 8035


By Zhores Medvedev

Dr Medvedev gives a comprehensive analysis of the long-term global effects of the nuclear explosion at the Chernobyl power plant in 1986. He examines the technical, environmental, agricultural, health and economic impacts of the catastrophe.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the disaster at Chernobyl, we publish this new edition with an extended introduction by the author. Dr Medvedev considers the lessons of the disasters at Kyshtym in the Urals in the 1950s, at Chernobyl, and now at Fukushima in Japan.

” … a clear and well-informed analysis not only of the causes of the Chernobyl accident, but also of its consequences for public health and the environment.”
David Holloway, The New York Review of Books

” … one of the first insider’s looks into what happened, and what it all meant … (Medvedev) peeled aside government secrecy regarding the explosion and its effects.”
Gregg Sapp,