The Cutting Edge of Socialism


88 Pages | Paperback

ISBN: 0 85124 332 0



Working People against Transnational Capital

By Stephen Bodington

Drawing on his long experience of the Labour Movement and his knowledge of political economy, Stephen Bodington argues passionately for a new socialist economics. In order to reverse the disastrous decay of our industry it is not necessary to rely upon bureaucratic controls. A much more important option is that which bases itself upon the grass-roots initiatives that are struggling against the dominance of multinationals and monetarist policies towards new forms of workers’ control and self-management. His great hopes for a new society are inspired by the imaginative plans for socially useful products led by the shop-stewards for the Lucas Aerospace Combine and by the various initiatives for local enterprise now being encourages in London, Sheffield and elsewhere.

Stephen Bodington was a mathematician and economist. He is the author of ‘Political Economy’, a textbook on Marxist economics which he wrote under the pseudonym John Eaton, and ‘Computers and Capitalism’ which is published by Spokesman. He was a founder member of the Institute for Workers’ Control.

First published in 1982 with a foreword by Mike Cooley.