The Century’s Wide Margin


ISBN: 978 0 95315 03-1-1


Key Words 7

Editors’ Preface

Guest Editor’s Introduction:
The Century’s Wide Margin – Ben Harker

Edward Carpenter 1844-1929: A Very Modern Victorian – Sheila Rowbotham

On Not Forgetting ‘the Importance of Everything Else’: Feminism, Modernism and Time and Tide (1920-1939) – Catherine Clay

‘Ours Will Be a Dynamic Contribution’: the Struggle by Diasporic Artists for a Voice in British Theatre in the 1930s and 1940s – Colin Chambers

Adapting to the Conjuncture: Walter Greenwood, History and Love on the Dole – Ben Harker

Ephemeral Work: Louis MacNeice and the Moment of ‘Pure Radio’ – Paul Long

‘The Better it is Written the Worse it is’: Storm Jameson on Popular Fiction and the Political Novel – Kristin Ewins

‘Hard as the Metal of my Gun’: Communism, Masculinity and John Cornford’s Poetry of the Will – Stan Smith


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