The Case Against War


280 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 0 85124 6925


The Essential Legal Inquiries,�
Opinions and Judgements concerning War in Iraq

By George Farebrother & Nicholas Kollerstrom

The Case Against War comprises an extensive collection of legal opinion on Britain’s participation in the Iraq War. It covers the entire legal proceedings of a citizen’s tribunal, held on the 11th October 2002 in London, on the legality, or otherwise, of the then forthcoming war on Iraq. Further legal Opinions by Rabinder Singh and Charlotte Kilroy are also to be found here from 2003, as well as the full documentation of CND’s case for a judicial review of the British Governments decision to go to war.�

�The Case Against War is an excellent collection of the material which establishes beyond doubt that the war against Iraq was unlawful.� Mark Littman QC

�The calm logic and rigour of legal reasoning of the highest calibre is brought to bear in presenting the case for and against the legality at international law of the impending intervention, purportedly in support of the UN.� Lord R.K. Murray, Former Lord Advocate of Scotland

�I think that there is an ever increasing need for the public to be reminded of the legal principles underlying any decision concerning the use of power to wage war in the context of the UN Charter when politicians consistently mislead us on the legal basis and justification for the war in Iraq.�
Michael Mansfield QC

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