Subversion in Chile:


ISBN: 978 0 85124 0404

114 pages | Paperback


a case study in U.S. corporate intrigue in the Third World


“The documents reproduced in this book are the internal memoranda of ITT – International Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. They deal with the attempt by ITT to subvert the democratic process in Chile, to thwart the election of Salvador Allende in the autumn of 1970.

The existence of these documents was first revealed on 21st March 1972 by columnist Jack Anderson in the Washington Post. This was shortly after he had revealed ITT documents giving details of how the Nixon administation was persuaded to drop a series of anti-trust suits against ITT, which were concerned with the takeover by ITT of Hartford Fire Insurance Corporation – one of the largest takeovers ever – in return for $400,00 donation by ITT towards the cost of the 1972 Republican Party Convention.

These papers on Chile, unlike the anti-trust cases, have not been denounced by ITT as forgeries. In fact the corporation has been strangely silent about the whole affair.

The documents are most photo-reproductions. A few however have been transcribed for the purpose of legibility.”

Mike Cushman in his Foreword of 1972