Standing Up for Education


132 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 0 85124 8585



Edited by Louise Regan and Tom Unterrainer

There is a crisis in our schools now. Children are facing rising class sizes, there is a shortage of teachers and parents already face a crisis in finding school places.’
Jeremy Corbyn
National Union of Teachers Conference 2016

What is education for? What should be taught? Who should control schools? How should educational progress be measured? What are the real barriers to learning? How much testing is too much testing? Are schools being privatised? Should schools be privatised? Do academy schools ‘work’?

These are just a few of the questions at the heart of a major debate over the future of education and schools. Many of the issues in this debate are long-standing concerns that have found new relevance in new circumstances. Some of the issues are new but demand an urgent and forceful answer.

Standing Up for Education offers a wide-ranging intervention into the education debate with contributions from teachers, politicians and students themselves. Its overall message is clear: current government policy is not fit for purpose and is failing teachers and students alike.

There are alternatives to over-testing, teacher shortages, demoralisation and privatisation. Standing Up for Education shows the way.

Review: Post-16 Educator