Sons and Lovers


318 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 0 85124 334 4



Trevor Griffiths’ screenplay of the novel by
D.H. Lawrence

In May 2013, it’s the centenary of the first publication of Sons and Lovers. To mark this anniversary Spokesman are reprinting Trevor Griffiths� highly acclaimed screenplay of the novel.

Sons and Lovers is a work of autobiographical fiction that charts, with extraordinary fidelity, the events, circumstances and social relations of Lawrence’s early life. Written between 1910 and 1912, it covers the period 1875-1910 through the lives of a mining family in Bestwood (Eastwood) in Nottinghamshire, and especially through the emerging moral consciousness of Paul Morel, the novel’s central figure, whose life differs in few important details from Lawrence’s own. I choose to do this work because, … there is, in this Lawrence, and vibrantly so, a powerful and radical celebration of dignity in resistance within working-class culture in industrial class-societies …”
Trevor Griffiths in his Introduction

Nottingham author, Joy James, recalls her part in the celebrated BBC adaptation of Sons and Lovers