Security without Nuclear Deterrence


266 Pages | Paperback

ISBN: 9780 85124 8721


By Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret’d)
Foreword by Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham KCB MA

The nuclear-armed states and their allies cite deterrence as the primary justification for maintaining nuclear weapons. Its fallacies must therefore be exposed and alternatives offered if they are to be eliminated. As a former operator of British nuclear weapons, Commander Green chronicles the history, practical difficulties and dangerous contradictions of nuclear deterrence. He offers, instead, more credible, effective and responsible alternative strategies to deter aggression and achieve real security.

�This is a most important contribution to the debate on a subject which is crucial to the survival of the human race, and it needs to be read with a degree of humility and with an open mind � qualities not always apparent amongst our decision makers and their advisers. So vital an issue deserves nothing less.�
Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham KCB MA
From his new Foreword

Review: Henk Groenewegen in ‘Medicine, Conflict and Survival’.

Reviews from the First Edition:

�It is hard-won wisdom that today�s nuclear-armed states and those who would follow in their footsteps would do well to heed.�
Dr Zia Mian, Princeton University

�I commend this book to all who wish to gain a deeper understanding of nuclear deterrence, surely one of the most controversial ideas of our time.�
H.E. Sergio Duarte, former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

�One of the best informed and most searching critiques of the central strategic doctrine of the nuclear age � nuclear deterrence � that I know of.�
Jonathan Schell, author of The Fate of the Earth, Yale University