Raymond Williams in Japan


ISBN: 978 0 95315 03-6-6


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Editors� Preface

Signs, Socialism and Ethics: Eagleton on Language
Tony Crowley

Terry Eagleton, Postmodernism and Ireland
Edward Larrissy

Williams and Wittgenstein: Language, Politics and Structure of Feeling – Ben Ware

Border Country: Then and Now – Simon Dentith


Raymond Williams in Japan – Essays by contemporary Japanese critics, edited and introduced by Daniel G. Williams

Guest Editor�s Introduction – Daniel Williams

Soseki Natsume, Raymond Williams and the Geography of �Culture� – Shintaro Kono

Translation and Interpretation: Raymond Williams and the Uses of Action – Takashi Onuki

�To Feel the Connections�: Collectivity and Dialectic in Raymond Williams�s LoyaltiesYasuhiro Kondo

The �Far West� after Industrialization: Gwyn Thomas, Ishimure Michiko and Raymond Williams – Yuzo Yamada

�A Narrative of Unsolved Cases�: A Reading of The Fight for Manod Yasuo Kawabata

Afterword: Found in Translation – Dai Smith


Debate: Dai Smith responds to Lucas and Matthews