Poverty: The Forgotten Englishmen


278 pages | Indexed

Paperback | ISBN: 978 0 85124 375 7



Ken Coates & Richard Silburn

Is Poverty in Britain a thing of the past?

Ken Coates and Richard Silburn look again at what is meant by the word ‘poverty’. They conclude that vast numbers of English people, living in slums throughout the country, are, for the most of their lives, living in acute poverty. What this actually involves is spelled out by means of a detailed survey of one slum- St Ann’s, an area of Nottingham which has now been cleared but is all too typical of hundreds of such districts which remain.

This work is a classic study.

Writing with compassion, style, wit and almost a complete lack of jargon, (they) present us with inescapable facts which must remould our thinking and our actions.’� The Times

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