Obama’s Afghan Dilemma


96 pages | A5 size

ISBN: 978 0 85124 7533


Spokesman 99
Edited by Ken Coates

Ken CoatesEnding the War Without End
Barack ObamaAfghan Dilemma
Zbigniew BrzezinskiTurbulence in the Global Balkans
Paul RogersMission Impossible
Ben GriffinExtraordinary Rendition: Britain’s Role
Tony Simpson & Mark Seddon
Suspects on Diego Garcia
John Lanchester Good Day, Comrade Shtrum
George N. Lewis & Theodore A. PostolTarget Russia?
Christopher Gifford Nuclear Mendacity: An Antidote
Philip Webber Trident’s Nuclear Winter?
Kate Hudson, Helen Clark, Maj Britt Theorin
Obama on Nukes