Nuclear New Build?


56 pages | ISBN: 978 0 85124 7878

Series number: 54


A review of the issues
By Christopher Gifford

‘This paper attempts to describe the present state of affairs, in particular the issues facing the new Coalition Government. In February 2007, the then government was described in judicial review as having behaved ‘unlawfully’ in consulting on energy policy with information ‘wholly insufficient for the public to make an intelligent response’. Since then, thousands of pages have been published in further consultations and some in response to freedom of information requests, and it has become clear that much detail remains to be provided on matters that may not be decided until licences to build and operate nuclear stations are granted, if at all. The material is usually technical, but there are ethical issues which demand political decisions after the involvement of an informed public. Meaningful information has been slow to emerge, and it is not surprising that, so far, few members of the public have become involved.’

Christopher Gifford