Logic and Knowledge


380 pages | ISBN: 978 085124 7432

Philosophical Writings



by Bertrand Russell

Logic and Knowledge has been acclaimed as the most widely-used university text for teaching Russell’s philosophy.

Ten essays, including the landmark On Denoting, which extend through fifty years in the life of one of the great philosophers of our time.

” … for the most part these are writings which it would be impertinent to praise; they are the best work of one of the most influential minds of our time.” The Sunday Times

Many of Bertrand Russell’s most important essays in logic and the theory of knowledge were not easily available until Professor Marsh collected them together in 1956. It is now the best source of Russell’s views in these areas and is firmly established as a philosophical classic in its own right. The collection presents essays which are both historically important and which have profoundly influenced the course of philosophy.