Left, Left, Left


308 Pages | Paperback

ISBN: 9780851248813


By Peggy Duff

“Peggy Duff is one of the unsung heroes of the struggles for peace and justice in the post-World War II period. She was a founder and leading figure in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which was instrumental in bringing the dire threat of nuclear war to general attention. Among activists, if not the general public, she is widely recognized – by some (like me) virtually revered – for her incredible contributions to the international movement of protest against the US wars in Indochina. Peggy was indefatigable, a highly effective organizer, patient and persistent in bringing together the many complex strands of opposition to US crimes in Indochina, the worst of the post-war era. Only those deeply involved were fully aware of this impressive accomplishment, which alone would easily merit the Nobel Peace Prize. And it was far from her only major achievement. The list ranges from her defence of the rights of prisoners of war in the early post-war years to her courageous role in the thankless struggle for Palestinian rights.
Truly a remarkable person, and speaking personally, a close and deeply valued friend.”
Noam Chomsky