Greece: From Resistance to Civil War


142 pages | Paperback

ISBN: 978 0 85124 2903


Edited by Marion Sarafis
Introduced by Prof. Nicos Svoronos

In 1944, as the war in Europe moved to its climax, the extraordinary struggle of the Greek Resistance moved into its tragic phase. Caught in the quite extraneous decisions agreed between the super powers, the Greek people found that their own wishes were not to be allowed to determine their fate.

From Resistance to Civil War explores this tense drama and points a moral which is relevant far outside the frontiers of Greece.

Contributors include top-level participants in these events such as Brigadier Eddie Myers (Head of the British Military Mission to the Greek Resistance 1943) and Thanasis Hajis (Secretary-General of the left-wing EAM Resistance Movement 1941-44), as well as British, German and Greek historians who have drawn extensively on Government Archives which had only recently become available for study. This books is edited by the widow of the Major-General Stefanos Sarafis, military commander of ELAS, the National Popular Liberation Army, for the Society for Modern Greek Studies.