Gallows and Other Tales


ISBN: 978 1 90717 9198

506 pages | Paperback



of Suspicion and Obession

The title-piece is a ghost story set in contemporary Galway: a nightmare of ghastly slaughter resurfacing from the era of the Penal Laws.

This book is accompanied by a DVD of a short documentary of Arden talking about his influences, and about his own illustrations of episodes in Gallows; filmed and produced by his son Finn Arden.

Part 1: Ireland
The Free Travel
Molly Concannon & the Felonious Widow

Part 2: London
A Masque of Blackness
Dreadfully Attended

Part 3: Yorkshire
Lizard Upon Two Legs
A Plot to Crack a Pisspot
Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire Sport
Yorkshire Tyke
Yorkshire Quarters
Yorkshire Bluebeard