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and what to do about it
By Stuart Holland

‘Stuart Holland on Europe is akin to Thomas Paine on the French Revolution combined with John Maynard Keynes on the Economic Consequences of the Peace. At a preciously young age, he persuaded Charles De Gaulle to agree to Britain’s second application to join the European Economic Community. As an advisor to Jacques Delors he designed solutions to Europe’s current problems decades before they even surfaced. Now, with Europe in Question – and what to do about it he offers a new generation of readers unique insights on how Europe can be fixed – as well as warnings that it may not be.’
Yanis Varoufakis
Professor in Economics University of Athens and Visiting Professor LBJ School of Government University of Austin Texas.

Yanis Varoufakis is co-author with James K. Galbraith and Stuart Holland of The Modest Proposal 4.0 of which former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard has commented:

“It neither is modest by ambition nor in intelligence. Its aim is to resolve the Eurozone crisis without directly confronting the sovereignty of any major state, and notably not that of Germany. It combines awareness of room for manoeuvre displaced by monetary authorities for decades and affirms that there can be solutions within existing institutional frameworks.”

Europe in Question elaborates this case in The Modest Proposal by an author who was the architect in the 70s of Labour’s economic programmes, then a Labour member of parliament, and has been an adviser since the 1960s to European heads of state and government as well as to the ETUC, the European Parliament and the EU Social Partners Economic and Social Committee.

Nirupam Sen – Feb 2016

Nuno Martins on 20 July 2015, Amazon