Delinquent Genius – The Strange Affair of Man and His Technology


248 Pages | Paperback

ISBN 978 085124 8783



By Mike Cooley

“Delinquent Genius is simply brimming with insights. It traces the sources of technology and its application. It is, above all else, a brilliant account of a dangerous hubris which can lead to that which is instrumental becoming a source, a dangerous source of domination, of passive rather than active existence…

I believe the publication of this book must be seen as an invaluable contribution. What is particularly moving in it is that it takes all of these issues that have been raised in different fora, and in different ways and locates them in a biographical experience of a brilliant scholar. There is something immensely hopeful in this, the sheer power that comes from retaining one�s early curiosity, harvesting it through scholarship, and delivering it for the benefit of mankind.”

Michael D. Higgins
President of Ireland

Mike Cooley has an international reputation as an activist, engineer and academic. He received the Right Livelihood Award (�Alternative Nobel Prize�) �for designing and promoting the theory and practice of human-centred, socially useful production�. He was centrally involved in developing �The Lucas Plan� and has been a guest professor at universities throughout the world, debating and lecturing in German and English. His previous work, Architect or Bee?, has been translated into six languages, most recently Chinese.