Configuring the Real


ISBN: 978 0 95315 03-7-3


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Editors’ Preface

Raymond Williams and Ecocriticism – Michael Malay

‘A Specific Contemporary Sadness’: Raymond Williams and the Speculative Socialist Tradition – Rosalind Brunt

The Long Recuperation: Late-Nineteenth/Early-Twentieth-Century British Socialist Periodical Fiction – Deborah Mutch

‘The Rich Harmonics of Past Time’: Memory and Montage in John Sommerfield’s May DayElinor Taylor

Future Imperfect: Mass and Mobility in Williams, Orwell, and the BBC’s Nineteen Eighty-FourSean McQueen

Sovereign Is He, who Knocks: The Neoliberal State of Exception in American Television – Liane Tanguay

Cultural Immaterialism: Wallace Stevens in Virtual Paris – Tony Sharpe

A Smell of French Bread in Charlotte Street – Stan Smith
Tony Crowley, Keywords: Scouse
Peter Brooker, Obituary: Stuart Hall
Notes on Contributors

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