Confessions of a Terrorist


96 pages | A5 size

ISBN: 978 085124 6789



Spokesman 78
Edited by Ken Coates

Ken Coates – Editorial
Ken Coates – Against the War
John le Carre – Confessions of a Terrorist
Porto Algre – Call of the World Social Movements
Noam Chomsky – Creating a Different World
Arundhati Roy – Confronting Empire
John Berger – Written in the Night
Kurt Vonnegut – Kurt Vonnegut versus the !&#!@
Word from Cordoba
Edy Korthals Altes – Pax Americana Fata Morgana!
Bahey el din Hassan – ‘War on Terrorism’: War Against Human Rights
Rosalie Bertrell – ‘Why Chernobyl Still Matters

Peace Dossier
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