Can the workers run industry?


254 pages | Paperback

First published 1972

ISBN: 0 90174 0306


Edited by Ken Coates

Contributions by Hugh Scanlon, Ian Mikardo, Ernie Roberts, Michael Barratt Brown, Terry Lacey and others.

With the British Economy staggering from one crisis to the next, the issue of Industrial Democracy becomes increasingly important. Behind all the discussion of little Neddies, Income Policies and rationalisation people are beginning to realise that the most vital economic resource is the initiative of the workers themselves. The basic problem facing the C.B.I. and the Trade Unions is to ensure that the week’s work becomes a challenge rather than a burden.

The aim of this book is to show that the best cure for the ‘roll on Friday’ attitude is to involve the workers actively and vitally in the process of making decisions. The old formula of nationalisation is not enough: there is a demand for new, experimental forms of democratic organisation.

In this volume trade union leaders, shop stewards, university teachers and political leaders present their views and plans for the future of industrial democracy in Britain.