Rescuing the Green New Deal


28 pages | A4 pamphlet 

ISBN 978-0-85124-897-4

£5 from Spokesman, £7 RRP.


Preventing cheap politics from sinking the planet

by Alan Simpson | Foreword by Clive Lewis MP

“This pamphlet is a challenge to all of us who champion the case for a visionary Green New Deal. It insists on a timescale that cuts carbon emissions in half, within the current decade; demands radical shifts into a more ‘circular’ economics, putting back more than we take out; and a vision that runs beyond obsessions with individual technologies. Instead, the pamphlet focuses on the ‘systems’ that tomorrow’s inclusive security must be built around.

As ever, Alan brings a big picture vision wrapped up in glittering examples of what transformation means in practice. From communities, to cities to whole countries, there is no wrong place to start, no part of the economy that doesn’t need to be turned upside down and rethought.”
From the Foreword