Nuclear Power?


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Spokesman Dossier

Compiled by Tom Unterrainer
Cover illustration by Brick

This Spokesman Dossier brings together articles, reports and analysis of nuclear power, its connection with nuclear weapons and public policy published over the course of fifty years.

With contributions from Malcolm Caldwell, Alan Roberts, Tony Benn, Petra Kelly, Rosalie Bertell, Christopher Gifford, Zhores Medvedev, Helen Caldicott, Hachiro Sato, Ian Fairlie, Phil Johnstone, Andy Stirling, Pete Roche and Dave Cullen.

When the world faces the prospect of climate catastrophe, nuclear power is being sold as a safe, clean and reliable alternative source of energy. As these articles reveal, no such claims are true. Nuclear power is expensive, potentially deadly, and intimately linked to the development and maintainence of nuclear weapons.



Nuclear Power: What is at stake Malcolm Caldwell

The Politics of Nuclear Energy Alan Roberts

The Sizewell Syndrome Tony Benn

Neither Safe Nor Essential Petra Kelly

Why Chernobyl Still Matters Rosalie Bertell

Is Nuclear Power Safe? Christopher Gifford

Fukushima Zhores Medvedev

Fukushima’s Radioactive Elements Helen Caldicott

Fukushima’s Quagmire Hachiro Sato

Nuclear Explosions Christopher Gifford

UK Energy Policy Ian Fairlie

Submerged Politics of UK Nuclear Power Phil Johnstone & Andy Stirling

Nuclear Reactors and Climate Change Pete Roche & Ian Fairlie

Stop Trying to Make Nuclear Energy Happen Dave Cullen