In search of James Prior


Paperback | A5 | 58 Pages

ISBN: 978 0 85124 9148

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by Ailish D’Arcy

James Prior died in 1922. In his centenary year, Ailish D’Arcy goes in search of Nottinghamshire’s lost author. Best known for his novel Forest Folk, a tale of conflict and romance set in the Nottinghamshire countryside at the time of the Luddite uprising during the Napoleonic Wars, James Prior has often been depicted as a recluse. But what was he really like? In this study James Prior emerges as a poet and novelist with a body of work that has been neglected for too long, and who made a contribution to the study of Notts dialect that is unsurpassed.

‘He is a fine writer, whose work I cherish.’

J M Barrie

  ‘What a curious man James Prior is! I did not know him, and has was so near home. I was very much interested. But what curious, highly flavoured stuff!’

D H Lawrence