European Nuclear Disarmament – Bulletin of Work in Progress | No. 8 1982




The Geneva Talks Mient Jan Faber

Numbers Briefing Mary Kaldor

Nuclear-Free Europe George Kennen


“Comiso! Comiso! Comiso!” Luciana Castellina & Dan Smith

Spain and NATO Pedro Vilanova

The Story of the SS-20 and the Pershing II Alexander Cockburn, James Ridgeway, and Andrew Cockburn

Two Million on the Street Tony Simpson

“Ma la rivoluzione non si cancella” Sergio Andreis

After the demo’s… Forward to the END Convention Ken Coates

Charter 77 Václav Malý, Dr Bedrich Placák, and Dr Jirí Hájek

The Havemann Letter Robert Havemann

END Researchers, Milan Mary Kaldor & Dan Smith

Activists’ Gathering, Antwerp Meg Beresford

European Notes Tony Simpson

END Churches Lateral Committee Stephen Tunnicliffe

END Women’s Lateral Committee Leonie Caldicott