European Nuclear Disarmament – Bulletin of Work in Progress | No. 5 1981



On the March for a Bomb-Free Europe Wenche Sorangr

The Political Territory of Europe Mary Kaldor

Conference on Nuclear War in Europe Groningen, The Netherlands

The Russians Aren’t Coming Rudolf Bahro

END National Supporters’ Conference 

Proposals for Discussion E.P. Thompson

END? Not in The Times Ken Coates

END and the Labour Party Tony Simpson

A No-First-Use Policy Daniel Ellsberg interviewed 

Belgian Signatories

In Favour of Detente and Peace Fernando Moran

Stop Press

European Nuclear Disarmament in Madrid

Nuclear Storage in Greece


“Poland to Portugal” or “The Atlantic to the Urals”  Four views to open discussion 

The END Consultative Meeting in Frankfurt Tony Simpson

Brussels – Easter 1981 Tony Simpson

“Is there anyone here from Bonn/Leiden?'” Rip Bulkeley

The Case Against Deterrence Robert and Joan Hinde 

Oppose a New Chemical Arms Race Russell Committee Against Chemical Weapons 

The Gleditsch/Wilkes case

Extract from Final Report of the Socialist International Study Group on Disarmament 

Pugwash Statement on Nuclear War in Europe

Report from the Campuses Jolyon Howorth

Proposed MOD/NATO Development at RAF Stornoway Angus McCormack