European Nuclear Disarmament – Bulletin of Work in Progress | No. 4 1981



Moving towards a European Convention Ken Coates

The Appeal

The Netherlands against Nuclear Weapons:

  • On the Way towards Consensus? Egbert Boeker
  • Netherlands Congress against Nuclear Armaments
  • Women for Peace
  • What Can We Do against the Nuclear Arms Race? Owen Hardwicke

The Campaign for an Alternative Defence Policy in Germany Ulrich Albrecht

Nuclear-Free Zones: An Interview Mary Kaldor talks to Prof. Albrecht

Letter from Norway Johan Galtung

END in Sheffield Tim Leadbeater

Protest and Survive, October 1980, London Tony Simpson

Easter 1981 Anti-War Events Graham Carey

Tell Those Who Are Responsible Mogens Schmidt

Towards a Nuclear-Free Pacific Peter Jones

Peace and Security are Indivisible Statement by the Federal Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the SFRY at Madrid 


Stop Press