European Nuclear Disarmament – Bulletin of Work in Progress | No. 2 1980



Rebellion at Geneva Ken Coates

Sleepwalking Beneath the Menace Joseph Needham

“Most ‘Survivors’ Would Die,” Doctors Report

“Not in Our ‘Theatre'” Pax Christi

A Nuclear-Free Europe

America’s Improbable Scenario Dan Smith

END on Humberside Tony Topham

“Europe Must See It” Andreas Papandreou

Thompson Mobbed in the Dales Julian Harber

Eurocommunism and the Bomb Documents from the Communist Party of Italy

Negotiate First, Suspend Deployment

Lower that ceiling

Relaunching Détente Giorgio Napolitano

Nuclear-Free Zone Call by Peace Researchers

Shopping in the Arms Hypermarket A view American National Action/Research on the Military-Industrial Complex

Beyond the Fragments

School for Speakers

Letter from America Noam Chomsky

Reasons to be Cheerful Petitions

University Co-ordination

Crooked Overkill Christopher Hampton

Norway’s Fight Against New European Nuclear Weapons Jon Grepstad

Support for Poland

Every Kind of Exchange

A Belgian Initiative


Calendar of Events