European Nuclear Disarmament – Bulletin of Work in Progress | No. 9 1982




Making Links with Europe Meg Beresford

Why the European convention is vital Stuart Holland

Women blockade gates at Greenham Jane Dibblin

Twinning Meg Beresford and Grant Lathey

Sunday June 6 Bill Howard

Solidarity with Solidarity Wiktor Moszczynski

Will Gas Pipeline set East and West Alight? Martin Spence

Two Germanies… A Common Theme John Sandford and Uwe Stehr

‘Literature must begin to work for an era without arms’

The Berlin Appeal

A dangerous white elephant Andrew Kelly

Growing Pool of Nukes William Arkin

European Notes Tony Simpson

“Don’t Play War!” say women… Joyce Gould

Defend Owen Wilkes

Churches Lateral & Women’s Lateral Stephen Tunnicliffe and Meg Beresford


Cinderella challenges Ugly Sisters Jill Tweedie


European Summer Diary