European Nuclear Disarmament – Bulletin of Work in Progress | No. 11 1982




(One of the) Dynamics of END Alva Myrdal

Who came?

Green, Red and Rainbow-coloured Paulo Gentiloni

Unity in Diversity Jurgen Graalfs, Rudolf Steinke, and Klaus Wolschner

Fates worse than DEATH Kurt Vonnegut

Convention Workshop Round-up Scientists; Trade Unionists; Churches; Local Nuclear-free zones; Peace Movement Activists; Doctors and Health Care Workers; Peace Educators; Chemical and Biological Warfare; Europe, the Third World and the Peace Movement; Negotiations; Disarmament and the Economy; Nuclear-free Regions; Nuclear Disarmament and the Two Germanies

Remaking Internationalism Walt Greendale

END Appeal – A Nuclear-Free Europe

The Lebanon War Lucio Lombardo Radice 

“Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil” Ken Coates

Message of Hope Fenner Brockway