European Nuclear Disarmament – Bulletin of Work in Progress | No. 10 1982



Message from Europe – International demos

Vienna Peace Festival cancelled 

The Falklands Crisis – Peace Movement’s reaction

The Southern edge of Europe

  • Turkey
  • Sicily Ben Thompson
  • Greece Marion Sarafis and Martin Eve

The Northern edge

  • Ireland Jennifer Fitzgerald 
  • Iceland Olafur Grimsson and E.P. Thompson
  • Scotland Malcolm Spaven and Gari Donn

Europe demands a future – declaration and photos

START talks analysis Randall Forsberg

East Germany – death of Robert Havemann Gert Bastian, Petra Kelly, Ken Coates, and Michael Meacher 

Charter 77

END Conference John Mepham

Interest Groups

European notes

Music: the angry sound of protest John May

American diary Dan Smith

Book END


European Summer Diary